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Friends of Skagit Beaches - in partnership with Skagit County Solid Waste Division and the Skagit Marine Resource Committee's Salish Sea Stewards volunteer program - has undertaken a new project to provide education and outreach to residents of Skagit County to reduce single-use plastics that can find their way into our waterways and become marine debris, a major issue threatening our bays and oceans. Another major focus for SPRRC is educating residents on changes in recycling guidelines for plastics. We appreciate grants provided by the Washington Dept. of Ecology, Northwest Straits Foundation, and Anacortes Soroptimists that have made this work possible. 

It's here! Our 2023 Edition of "Beyond the Bin Recycling Guide" for Skagit County with active hyperlinks to URLs listed in the booklet. 

Dive in and explore by clicking the book below.  Select two-page view from the popup window menu (three dots) at the top right for the best user experience.  

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The title "Beyond the Bin"  is a good description of the information provided in this guide.  There are often many items we would like to recycle or repurpose that are not permitted to be put into our recycling bins.  Think of those gently used household items that you no longer need but someone else would just love to find at a local thrift store.  This guide provides information about a wide variety of items that can be taken to outlets in or near Skagit County instead of throwing out to the landfill.  The guide is designed in three sections, first, Part 1 is an A - Z listing of items that can be recycled and what business outlets they can be taken to. Second, Part II is a detailed alphabetical listing of all the outlets included in Part 1 with information on their location, hours, phone number or website and other details.  Lastly, Part III provides a listing of municipal and county resources for waste disposal and recycling. 

We think you'll find this guide very useful, so check it out by viewing the Beyond the Bin Recycling Guide here. Check your local public library for copies.  Need help finding a copy of the guide?  Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll help you get one.

Avoid throwaway living and recycle right!

Read more about how we created this project here!

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Check out our articles and resources:

All About Batteries - a guide to recycling, disposal, and dealing with leaked batteries.

The Dangers of Wishcycling - just because we think something looks recyclable doesn't mean it is!

The Problems with Plastics - learn more about microplastics and the impact on the environment!!

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En Español:  2019 Primavera Boletin de la Coalicíon para Reducir el Uso de Plasticos y Reciclar en Skagit spanish_articles_booklet_red.pdf

Skagit Plastic Reduction & Recycling Coalition Brochures and other pamphlets:
Brochure: fosb_brochure_red.pdf 

Folleto En Español: sprrc_folletto.pdf

Skagit County Recycling Guidelines [Contado de Skagit Guia de reciclar]
Waste Management Guidelines for Skagit County:

1 page poster skagit_guidelineseven_english.pdf or full 4 page guide skagit_guidelineseven_full_english.pdf

Guia de Reciclaje en Español: skagit_guidelineseven_spanish.pdf

Do your part to prevent plastic waste from escaping into our environment and polluting our waterways and oceans.

Take the SPRRC plastic pledge to reduce single-use plastics. Download the form below and mail it in. We'll contact you about picking up your free reusable shopping and produce bags at our next outing in Skagit County.


Kids Pledge: kids_pledge.pdf

En Español: 129192_plastic-pledge-form-jan-2019-_spanish.docx


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